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The Law Office of Chen & Associates, PC in Flushing, New York is home to an esteemed bankruptcy and family law attorney. Attorney Chen works diligently to help her clients achieve the best results possible. No matter how many questions you have about your situation, you can count on her to answer them all and pursue your interests in and out of court.

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About The Law Office of Chen & Associates

Attorney Chen has been licensed to practice in New York and New Jersey for over a decade. She and attorney Xia go above and beyond for each case. Whether you're stressed about your situation or aren't sure how to proceed with your legal matter, you can trust us to provide you with sound legal advice.

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We practice in many areas of law

Attorney Chen is known for her compassion, tenacity, ambition and formidable negotiation skills. Consult her if:

You're going through a divorce or are getting married
You need help setting up a child custody arrangement

You're dealing with a real estate law issue
You're considering filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy
You want to create your estate plan
You've been involved in an accident

If you need to apply for U.S. citizenship or a visa, attorney Xia can help. She speaks fluent Chinese and is a member of the American Immigration Lawyers Association.

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