Don't Be Intimidated by the Immigration Process

Reach out to a visa attorney in Flushing or Brooklyn, NY

While the citizenship process can be long and stressful, The Law Office of Chen & Associates, PC will work hard to simplify the process for you. Feng "Erin" Xia is our immigration law attorney in Flushing, New York. She'll interview you to learn how and why you want to become a citizen. You can trust her to explain your rights and determine the most effective strategy for your situation.

Call 718-886-1858 now to set up a free consultation with a practiced visa attorney in Flushing, New York. We also have an office in Brooklyn, NY.

Do you need to apply for a visa?

Do you need to apply for a visa?

Attorney Xia can help. As your visa attorney, she can walk you through the process of applying for:

  • An H-1B visa
  • An L-1 visa
  • An O-1 visa
  • A P visa
  • An E visa
  • An employment-based green card
  • A family-based green card

We do everything possible to eliminate language barriers at our firm. Attorney Xia speaks fluent Chinese. If you know someone who needs immigration help but doesn't speak English well, point them to our firm.

Reach out to us today to explore your options with a seasoned immigration law attorney.